One of the roughest fights I've made. Valarie 5’2” about 135lbs, fights Denise, 4’11” about 124lbs, both are true street fighters.Valarie saw videos of Denise catfighting and wanted to fight her right away. Denise heard about Valarie and Krissy’s fight, and that Valarie was saying, she could beat her, she wanted to fight right away as well. They came to fight each other, you can sense the tension, even some nervous giggles at the beginning. Three different fights, all the same day. In my TV room they go at it fast and hard in g-strings and sleeveless t-shirts, which get ripped off. Yanking hair out, hard hitting, tops ripped off, crouch grabbing, (at one point Valarie bites Denise’s crotch), Boob grabbing, they fight till exhausted, or smothered by the other girl. At the end of this, my carpet was covered with hair. Next, the living room in short cut offs, a true power struggle. Slamming each other into the wall and desk over and over again. A mean wedge from Denise causes Valerie to take her shorts off, fighting nude, then a hard crotch grab by Denise caught on tape. More hair pulling, boob grabs, and crotch grabbing, just to let the other know they think they are stronger. Then the backyard, in just g-strings, which get ripped off. Yet more mean hard fighting, more crotch grabbing, hair yanking, wild hitting, and fighting all over the yard. It’s over 40 minutes long, one of the better catfights out there.


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